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QualiTEA Time Alone

I’ve run out of my supply of Teavana’s Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea. It’s been 3 years, but my bulk purchase near their end has ran dry. I ordered some Majesty’s Chai Oolong from Seepologie to see if that would satisfy my cravings.

I also ordered a bunch of other teas from other places, and tried my hand at making homemade boba.

Years ago, this used to be a tea blog. When I moved to Seattle, I turned into a coffee snob. Now that I’m stuck in quarantine, my coffee collection doesn’t offer as much diversity in its flavors, especially trying to drink it throughout the work day.

I’m finding tea to be a lot more relaxing throughout my time alone. Tea is restorative and meditative. Personally, I feel like I’ve been falling behind while working from home. Thoughts of productivity plague me, and I’ve been working extra hours to make up for it. Tea helps me to slow down and reflect. Flavored teas help remind me to have fun.

Since I’ve started drinking tea again, I’ve split up my work day. After morning meetings, I do a tea session followed up with a run. I feel more productive and less trapped in my own mind.

Here’s what I drank this week.

David’s Maple Syrup Oolong

Just as a warning, this tea contains Maple Sugar. Certain brewing vessels recommend not putting sugar in them, so I recommend using one of those in cup infusers.

The tea itself is wonderful though. As it brews, a rich reddish amber color fills the cup. The smell of pancakes, butter, and maple syrup fill the air. If David’s Tea made candles scented like this, I would have one in my office.

The first steep reminds me of what first got me into tea. It’s sweet, fun, and approachable. The flavors are artificial. It tastes good, but you could bottle this with some novelty name, and the sweetness and maple pancake flavors would be fitting. I don’t feel like a sophisticated tea drinker as I sip from my cup. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy drinking this from my cup, but it feels like a treat or novelty.

The second steep is closer to what I expect an Oolong to taste like. The tea had notes of toasted nuts and a maltiness to it. The scent of maple pancakes is still there, but this feels like I’m drinking tea.

This tea feels like a reminder of growing up. The first steep reminds me of my inner child. The second steep is like growing up, and remembering what was and embracing moving forward. I won’t say this tea brings enlightenment, but I won’t say it doesn’t either.

I would recommend this tea. Being able to get multiple steepings which are enjoyable is a plus. This is something I could drink throughout the day.

David’s Pheonix Oolong Tea

I’m a sucker for an Oolong Tea. If you can’t tell, I ordered a bunch from David’s Tea.

The Maple Syrup Oolong is one of the cheaper Oolongs from David’s Tea, and the Pheonix Oolong is their most expensive, which is why I made Boba Tea and Iced Tea from it.

Homemade Boba is a pain. I think it would be fun as a group event, like a dumpling party. Alone, by myself, it was fun until I made 8 pearls, then it was monotonous. Dry store bought pearls had nothing on the flavor of my homemade pearls, but my homemade pearls took over an hour to make, and by the time I was done I resented them.

But the tea was still good. The Pheonix Oolong was iced with a bit of sugar, unlike the other two teas I drank this week. I also only had a single steeping.

If you told me these leaves had added flavor, I’d believe you. This Oolong is fruity, and the Lychee notes stand up against and accentuate with milk and Boba.

If this Boba Milk Tea was sold in stores, I’d be a repeat customer, and this would be my regular. I’m not trying to say I make a great Boba Milk Tea, but I’m not saying house guests shouldn’t ask me to prepare a glass. The quality and flavors of the tea probably had more to do with it than my barista skills.

As a plain iced tea, David’s Phoenix Oolong Tea is crisp and refreshing. I want to say it has nice toasty caramel notes, but that could also be the added sugar.

Most Oolong Teas I’ve drank are toasty or milky. This Pheonix Oolong is a new experience I’m enjoying. It kind of reminds me of Damn Fine Tea’s The Mermaid’s Kiss, except with Lychee flavor instead of Jasmin.

This tea tastes special. David’s Phoenix Chai Tea has a high price point, but it’s justified in the flavor and versatility of the tea. The Phoenix Chai Tea is just tea with no additives, and 2 oz fills up a single David’s Tea tin.

Seepologie’s Majesty’s Chai Oolong

This tea was the highlight of my week. I love a good Oolong, and I love a good Chai Tea. This tea was the bee’s knees of both worlds.

When Teavana closed it’s physical locations, I bought as much Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea as I could. Before running out, I tried to find a replacement. Steepologie had a Ginger Chai Tea that I enjoyed and ran out of. When I checked online, they no longer had the Ginger Chai, but they did have this Majesty’s Chai, and I had to try it.

Majesty’s Chai Tea hits all the spots for me. It has the spice notes, it’s re-steepable, and I can enjoy it throughout the day.

The first steep has discernible spice notes. Cinnamon and Cardamom stick out, but I can also taste the ginger and black pepper. The tea makes me long for more, and I can’t drink it fast enough.

The second steep looses the impact of the first. The spices blend together in harmony. It tastes like a classic warm chai.

The third steep is more Oolong that Chai. The spice is still present and warm. The Oolong is sweet.

Majesty’s Chai Tea is great with milk and sugar. This is the type of tea I was raised to love, and it’s a tea I already want to buy more of for fear it will be taken off the menu.

I hope this tea becomes one of Steepologie’s staple menu items. If so, it’ll keep me coming back for more.

Steepologie is currently running a GoFundMe, so I hope you all will go and support a great Seattle local business.

If you’re drinking anything interesting, feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments and I’d love to try it.