Trying Not to be a Background Character in My Life

We’re one year into locking down at home, and I’m doing my best not to become a background character.

So many people I talk to have no stories from the past year. Most of their time has been spent indoors eating, working, and sleeping. No adventures, no learning, no nothing. They’re just waiting to no longer be an Non-Playable Character.

I haven’t done anything amazing this past year, but I do have stories to tell if asked. I went on a road trip to Iowa when COVID hadn’t hit there yet. I took online bar tending classes. I did some online Bourbon, Rum, and Gin tastings.

On week-nights with nothing scheduled, I watched Netflix and Hulu. However, I did everything in my power to not live the life you would think Non-Playable Characters have when you’re not in the game.

Staying motivated wasn’t easy. There were days I stayed in bed. I also wore the same clothes for several days…

Even if there wasn’t an outdoor world, and even if I felt like I didn’t matter to anyone, I always tried to remember that I matter to me.

The local news makes it sound like we’re stuck in the current state until July. I’ve started exercising and working out in hopes of having one of those magical COVID Body Transformations. If life is going to feel like a prison, I might as well start practising my prison routine.

It will give me another story to tell when I see everyone.